I fear for my life – Abena Korkor cries out amidst leak tape saga

Controversial socialite Abena Korkor is expressing concern for her safety following the widespread circulation of nude videos featuring her on social media. She has identified certain individuals as the alleged culprits behind the videos and claims they are threatening her life. In light of these circumstances, she believes that Ghana is no longer a secure place for her.

In addition to the threats she’s facing, Abena Korkor has disclosed that she is grappling with health challenges related to her bipolar medication. She has pointed out that the medication has significantly impacted her body weight and reproductive cycle, leading to her struggle with amenorrhea (the absence of menstruation).

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Furthermore, the socialite has asserted that she has been subjected to sexual abuse by healthcare professionals during her mental health breakdown. Given these distressing experiences, she is of the opinion that being a mental health patient in Ghana poses significant risks. Consequently, she has decided to relocate to another country.

Abena Korkor said in a post she made on Instagram,

“The last time I went to the hospital, I was given chemicals and injections it is affecting my menstruation… I speak the TRUTH. I have supporting evidence for everything. I want to leave Ghana. It is toxic and not good for my mental health. People die or get missing. I fear for my life. But God is my STRENGTH. He will continue to protect me”.

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