It Will Be An Honour To Turn Yvonne Nelson’s Memoir Into A Movie – Ivan Quashigah

Ivan Quashigah, renowned for his popular TV series ‘Things We Do For Love and YOLO,’ expressed his enthusiasm at the prospect of adapting Yvonne Nelson’s memoir into a film. The acclaimed filmmaker and CEO of Farmhouse Productions discussed his admiration for the actress during an interview on Hitz Fm, recalling their first encounter while collaborating on his television series, “Fortune Island.” Their paths crossed when he was seeking talent for the show shortly after Yvonne competed in Miss Ghana.

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Mr. Quashigah spoke highly of Yvonne Nelson, describing her as a multi-talented individual who has experienced tremendous growth over the years. He reminisced about their initial meeting, where he witnessed her diverse abilities, including her rap skills during the casting process. This led him to recognize her potential as not only a great actress but also someone capable of achieving much more. He expressed pride in observing her current endeavors.

“I am not surprised because when I first met Yvonne, right after she did the Miss Ghana competition, and I was looking for stars for ‘Fortune Island’, my self produced Television series, I saw something in her, she actually rapped during the casting and she did a lot of things that made me see that she has several facets to herself and I knew that she was not only going to become a great actress, but she will do so many other things and this is one of those things and I’m very proud about what I’m seeing today,” he stated.

Building upon their connection, the  ‘Things We Do for Love’ director revealed his desire to bring Yvonne Nelson’s book, “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” to life on the big screen or stage.

“Already, I was speaking with George Quaye when he said that he would like to put it on stage and I think that it’s something that we have to consider putting unto the screens as well and I will be honoured to direct it,” he disclosed

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Building on their connection, the director of ‘Things We Do for Love’ shared his desire to transform Yvonne Nelson’s book, titled “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” into a movie for the big screen or stage. He mentioned discussing the possibility of a stage adaptation with George Quaye and expressed his willingness to direct it if given the opportunity.

In a previous interview with Giovani Caleb on 3FM, Yvonne had indicated that she preferred not to take on the role of producer for the project. However, she expressed joy that people were reading her book. Although she did not provide specific details, her response hinted at ongoing discussions or plans for a film adaptation. Ivan Quashigah’s offer to direct the adaptation is likely to be welcome news for Yvonne Nelson.

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