Joe Mettle – Give Me Oil Ft. Sandra Boakye-Duah

Ghanaian musician Joe Mettle has unveiled a new track titled “Give Me Oil,” featuring Sandra Boakye-Duah. This soul-stirring song delves into the essence of worship and spiritual rejuvenation, breaking away from conventional music standards.

The gospel collaboration invites listeners on a transcendent journey of praise and adoration, led by impassioned vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Right from the outset, “Give Me Oil” captivates with its stirring melodies and emotive performances. Joe Mettle’s commanding voice takes the spotlight, emanating a profound sense of reverence and devotion, while Sandra Boakye-Duah’s harmonious accompaniment adds richness and resonance to the piece.

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The song’s uplifting chorus and stirring instrumentation set an atmosphere of jubilation and thankfulness, encouraging listeners to join in the chorus of praise.

Lyrically, “Give Me Oil” serves as a prayerful request for spiritual renewal and divine intervention. Joe Mettle and Sandra Boakye-Duah’s poignant verses express the longing for guidance, strength, and anointing from a higher power.

The lyrics strike a chord with listeners on a personal level, offering comfort, motivation, and optimism in the face of life’s trials and uncertainties. Ultimately, “Give Me Oil” celebrates faith, love, and the transformative influence of worship. In a world marked by turmoil and discord, this gospel collaboration shines as a beacon of hope, reminding listeners of the enduring presence of divine grace and the promise of redemption.

Whether experienced in moments of quiet contemplation or as part of communal worship, “Give Me Oil” provides a profound and enriching auditory journey that uplifts the spirit and feeds the soul.

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As “Give Me Oil” continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, it underscores the potency of music to inspire, heal, and unify. Joe Mettle and Sandra Boakye-Duah’s collaborative endeavor highlights the transcendent essence of gospel music, transcending cultural, linguistic, and religious barriers to create a shared experience of joy, reverence, and dedication.

With its compelling melodies and heartfelt message, “Give Me Oil” is certain to leave an enduring impact on all who listen, reaffirming the timeless truth that faith and worship possess the ability to transform lives.

Listen to song below:


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