Man impregnates 4 of his wife’s bridesmaids and friends from their wedding

A troubled woman from Zambia has recently spoken out, several months later, to express her distress over her husband’s infidelity with four bridesmaids from their wedding. The woman reveals that her husband fathered children with all four of the attractive

bridesmaids, who incidentally were her friends as well.

“I once told them how a beast my husband is in bed when we went out on a girls’ date. One of them became curious and started sending my husband messages.

At first, I did not bother to pay attention because I trusted them as my own sisters who could protect me, but when one got pregnant, I was interested; then it happened that within the same time, all my four friends became pregnant for my husband”, she revealed.

The online community’s consensus is that her friends grew increasingly curious and decided to investigate the truth of her claims, ultimately resulting in her unfortunate situation.

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