Man storms grave to dig out friend who died without clearing $2 million debt

A Nigerian man took a shovel along as he stormed the grave of his friend who died without paying his $2 million debt.

The intriguing video shared on the Instagram app captured the furious man crying bitterly at his friend’s gravesidem

According to him, he had a business deal with his late friend who successfully cashed out millions from the deal.

His deceased friend was mandated to give him $2 million out of the cash made from the deal but sadly, he lost his life to the cold hands of death.

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This teared up the man who visited the grave of his friend with a shovel to voice out his pain.

“Azaman, you get mind die with my 2 million dollars. Why you no die that time wey I dey suffer?” he lamented.

@beatrice_konadu1 reacted: “Azaman might have faked his own death just to elope with person’s 2 million dollars, normally Azaman na wicked somebody oo.”

@simeon.delight said: “Azaman soul no go touch heaven.”

@penny_gramss said:“Azaman no die oo e go vacation for Dubai.”

@molarry_ commented: “Make everybody travel o.”

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