May Day: There is nothing for the Ghanaian worker to celebrate about- NAGRAT Vice President

Jacob Anaaba, the Vice President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), has offered a solemn reflection on the significance of May Day, asserting that Ghanaian workers are currently in a more challenging position.

Anaaba expressed a sobering viewpoint, stating that there is little reason for Ghanaian workers to celebrate amidst their difficult circumstances.

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In an interview with JoyNews’ AM Show on May 1st, he particularly highlighted the struggles faced by teachers, noting that their sense of fulfillment often arises from witnessing the achievements of their students rather than personal contentment.

Anaaba outlined significant obstacles encountered by Ghanaian teachers, such as high taxes and an increasing cost of living, resulting in limited disposable income. He criticized the government for failing to adequately acknowledge and reward the dedication of Ghanaian workers.

In conclusion, Anaaba stressed the urgent need for greater attention to the welfare of Ghanaian workers, urging the government to implement proactive measures to alleviate their hardships.

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“As for the Ghanaian worker, there is nothing to celebrate about. As teachers, we are only proud when our students are doing well and progressing in life. We are coupled with high taxes, high cost of living and when we expect SSNIT to tell us something good, they are rather breaking our hearts,” he insisted.

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