Money received in late brother’s name was for his kids’ fees – Cecilia Dapaah

Former Sanitation Minister Cecilia Abena Dapaah has vehemently refuted the accusations put forth by the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) concerning funds received from a bank account associated with her deceased brother.

In response to an affidavit submitted by the OSP, which sought confirmation of a recent asset seizure, Cecilia has categorically denied any implication that the assets and funds confiscated from her residence had questionable origins.

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The OSP had informed the court that an account belonging to her late brother remained active and had recently transferred funds to her account, despite supposed inactivity. In challenging this assertion, the former Minister clarified that the money in question had been transferred from an account specifically created to collect funeral donations for her late brother, named ‘The Late Nana Akwasi Essan,’ of which she was a signatory.

Furthermore, she clarified that the funds transferred to her bank account were intended for the payment of her late brother’s children’s fees.

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In her sworn affidavit, the former minister emphasized the entirely lawful and non-suspicious nature of these transactions, refuting any allegations of financial misconduct. She explained that the funds “were transferred from Cal Bank from an account in the name ‘The Late Nana Akwasi Essan,’ to which I am a signatory, and that this account was opened with funeral donations collected by Cal Bank at my late brother’s funeral.”

“The correct account name is conspicuously stated in Applicant’s Exhibit OSP18 and the Applicant could easily have ascertained the mandate on the account from Cal Bank. The funds are transferred to me for payment of the school fees of my late brother’s children,” she added.

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