My involvement with politics almost destroyed my career – Nacee

Nacee, a renowned Ghanaian gospel musician, opened up about his experiences of being marginalized by certain churches and pastors due to his involvement in recording songs for political parties and secular artists.

“You do a song for a political party, and other people say they don’t want to work with me anymore because they feel I belong to that political party, and so they don’t want to have any business with me. But it’s me getting an inspiration to do a song and encourage the youth out there, and some radio presenters sit on the radio and push the agenda that Nacee has fallen with the defence that I now sing secular music because of the ‘Boys Boys’ song.”

“It became an agenda, and some pastors said that it’s not good to call me to perform in their church; he’s an unbeliever,” he explained to Roselyn Felli.

During an interview on Joy Prime’s morning show, Nacee shared that he was even labeled as an unbeliever by some pastors. However, he clarified that his intention behind recording these songs was to inspire and encourage young people. The negative responses he received almost shattered him, as he felt he was utilizing his God-given talent and began to question God for the challenges he faced.

Nacee also mentioned that some musicians he had helped in building their studios betrayed him by exposing him to individuals interested in doing business with him. Despite this, he expressed understanding and did not blame them, as he believes that ingratitude is inherent in human nature.

After much contemplation and prayer, he decided to compose a song titled “Aseda” (Thanksgiving) to express his gratitude to God for guiding him through all the obstacles he encountered in his music career. However, due to financial difficulties, the song, recorded in 2015, remained unreleased.

When asked if he regretted releasing secular songs, Nacee stated that while he may have regretted it years ago, he no longer feels the same. He believes that life is a mixture of highs and lows, and individuals are bound to face negativity and challenges. These experiences only strengthen one’s determination to succeed in their endeavors.

Since its release in April, “Aseda” has gained significant popularity, becoming the number one song in Africa with millions of views on platforms such as Boomplay, Audiomack, and YouTube.

Nacee has also collaborated on secular and political songs, including “Boys Boys” featuring Guru, “Baby You’re Fine” featuring Obour, and “Onaapo.” He has worked with artists such as Samini and others.

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