Nigel Giasie reacts as prophesy on John Kumah manifests

Nigel Gaisie, the Founder of the Prophetic Hill Chapel Worldwide, has responded to the fulfillment of a prophecy regarding the death of Dr. John Kumah, which he claims was disclosed to him by God on multiple occasions.

In a social media post, Prophet Gaisie disclosed his attempts to contact John Kumah personally and through his team, all of which were met with resistance. Even when he visited Kumah’s residence, Prophet Gaisie asserted that he was asked to leave.

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Expressing his dismay at the tragic event, he stressed the inevitability of death while emphasizing the importance of heeding warnings and prioritizing longevity.

Prophet Gaisie addressed the skepticism surrounding prophets and their motives, stating that not all prophets seek financial gain. He emphasized that some, like himself, are solely focused on delivering divine messages without any hidden agendas.

Prophet Gaisie hinted at forthcoming revelations concerning a political party’s flagbearer and a woman. He called on authorities, including the Inspector General of Police, to respect and permit prophets to freely share their insights for the nation’s benefit.

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Additionally, Prophet Gaisie urged people to take heed of prophetic warnings and prioritize their well-being, stressing the importance of believing and taking action rather than regretting later.

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