Nigerian Actress Ruth Kadiri Threatens Legal Action Against Ghanaian TV Stations

Prominent Nollywood actress and producer Ruth Kadiri has issued a stern caution to Ghanaian television networks for airing her content without obtaining proper permission. The renowned actress has additionally indicated her readiness to pursue legal recourse against the television channels responsible for this unauthorized use of her work.

The well-respected Nollywood star emphasized the significance of safeguarding one’s creative endeavors. She asserted that the unapproved broadcasting of her films not only infringed upon her rights but also detrimentally affected the livelihoods of everyone involved in the production of these films.

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In a recent video shared on her social media profiles, the actress unequivocally conveyed her intention to initiate legal actions against any media outlet found guilty of unlawfully streaming her movies and television series.

“I love my Ghanaian family soo much, I love the country as a whole, but I am very disappointed that a major TV station in Ghana would go on my platform, rip my contents apart, and show it on TV like they have the licence to do that. It is not even just one, not two, not three. I don’t want to put a watermark on my contents because I feel like it’s going to make it look taggy,” she said.

“This is the first warning, and it is going to be the last one, because the next time, you’re going to hear from my lawyers. I beg you, let’s not start dragging ourselves through the mud. I expect so much from you because you know how expensive it is to create content, and instead of buying this content, you would rather rip it and show it on national TV,” she added.

Link to full Video below

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