Peter Daniel – Miles Around: An Amazing Collaboration

Presented by Music Factory Records, “Miles Around” unveils an electrifying collaboration featuring an all-star jazz quartet led by the virtuosic Saxophonist Peter Daniel. What sets this ensemble apart is the remarkable all-female rhythm section, comprising Marina Christopher on bass, Marina Albero on Fender Rhodes, and Heather Thomas on drums.

With Peter Daniel at the helm, the saxophones take center stage, weaving intricate melodies that dance effortlessly across the sonic landscape. His mastery of the instrument is evident from the first note, commanding attention with each soulful riff and improvisational flourish.

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Marina Christopher’s bass lines provide a solid foundation for the ensemble, anchoring the groove with finesse and precision. Her deep, resonant tones add depth and richness to the music, serving as the heartbeat of each composition.

Marina Albero’s Fender Rhodes infuses the sound with warmth and texture, casting a nostalgic glow over the proceedings. Her delicate touch and melodic sensibility transport listeners to a bygone era, evoking memories of smoky jazz clubs and intimate late-night sessions.

Heather Thomas’s drumming is the driving force behind the quartet’s dynamic energy, propelling the music forward with relentless precision. Her impeccable timing and rhythmic dexterity provide the perfect backdrop for the group’s improvisational explorations.

Produced by Peter Daniel and expertly recorded by Jason Gray at Blue Mallard Studios, “Miles Around” boasts a pristine sound quality that captures the essence of the live performance. Jason Gray’s meticulous mixing brings each instrument to life, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the nuances of the ensemble’s interplay.

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Mastered by Blake Bickel at Dynamic Sound Services, the album achieves a perfect balance of clarity and warmth, ensuring that every note shines with crystalline clarity. The artwork, designed by Peter Daniel, is a visual masterpiece that complements the music’s aesthetic, inviting listeners on a journey of discovery.

Miles Around, is more than just an album—it’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the universal language of music. With its impeccable musicianship and irresistible groove, this is one jazz experience you won’t want to miss.

Upcoming is Peter Daniel’s latest album, Quartets. Follow him to stay updated!

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