Popular gospel musician shares testimony after near-death experience

As Mabel Okyere’s latest song ‘Anuonyam’ continues to gain popularity on various media platforms, she reveals that the message of the song is deeply connected to a life-threatening experience she went through.

During an interview on Adom FM’s ‘Work and Happiness’ with OPD, the Ghanaian gospel artist shared details of the ordeal that inspired the lyrics of the song. Recounting her health challenges in 2018, Mabel couldn’t hold back her tears.

She explained that she was diagnosed with multiple diseases when she sought medical attention, and there was a point when she feared for her life. However, she later realized that God had a plan to bring joy to her life.

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“Whenever I listen to the song, I feel a sense of sadness. I can’t help but wonder how I survived,” she expressed to OPD.

Mabel revealed that she had even believed she might lose her life, but fortunately, God had different intentions for her. Additionally, she mentioned that her poor health halted her music career after her third album.

Mabel believes that the song was given to the songwriter, Nana Boateng, specifically for her because she had lost hope and was unaware that God was about to bring glory into her life.

Below Is her latest Song

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