PRESEC NSMQ Winner Fufills Prophecy After Triumph

Right after PRESEC Legon’s success against Achimota School and Opoku Ware in the 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz, an interesting story emerged from the mother of one of the participants. Mrs. Mortey, the proud mother of Mortey, shared that Selinam had fulfilled a prophecy through this victory. She explained that Selinam’s older brother, Selassie Mortey, had represented Presec in 2019 and narrowly missed winning the trophy, losing to Augusco by a mere 5 points.

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At that time, Selinam, who was still in junior high school, drew inspiration from his brother’s experience and predicted that one day he would attend Presec and emerge victorious in the esteemed competition. Presbyterian Boys Secondary School claimed victory in the 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz by defeating Opoku Ware Senior High School and Achimota Secondary School.

Blogger Sika Offical shared this intriguing revelation in the form of a video on her Twitter page alongside this caption:

“Mrs. Mortey, the mother of Selinam Mortey, the victorious winner of Presec NSMQ 2023, affirms that Selinam has indeed fulfilled a prophecy. As per her account, Selinam’s brother, Selassie Mortey, had previously represented Presec in 2019, coming agonizingly close to clinching the trophy, falling short by a mere 5 points to Augusco. It was during this time that Selinam, still in Junior High School, drew inspiration and prophesied that he would one day attend Presec and triumph in the competition. With unwavering belief in his abilities, Selinam turned his prophecy into reality”

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This marked their 8th win in the history of the competition, having previously emerged victorious in 1995, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2020, and 2022. PRESEC clinched the competition by accumulating a total of 40 points over five rounds of intellectual challenges.

Achimota came in second with 28 points, while Opoku Ware trailed behind with 23 points. Here are all the results from each round:

End of Round 1

Presec Legon: 18

Achimota School: 12

Opoku Ware School: 12

End of Round 2

Presec Legon: 23

Achimota School: 12

Opoku Ware School: 14

End of Round 3 (Problem of the Day)

Presec Legon: 27

Achimota School: 15

Opoku Ware School: 16

End of Round 4

Presec Legon: 31

Achimota School: 28

Opoku Ware School: 20

Round 5

Presec Legon: 40

Achimota School: 28 

Opoku Ware School: 23

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