Rapper Eugy official parts ways with the ‘world’, gets baptized [Video]

Famous rapper Eugene Entsir, also known as Eugy, has made a significant and life-altering decision by publicly announcing his departure from the mainstream entertainment industry. The artist, renowned for his popular 2016 song ‘Dance for Me,’ has chosen to embrace a spiritual calling and embark on a new path.

On July 2, Eugy underwent baptism, a ceremonial event that symbolizes his commitment to his faith. The baptism was conducted by his father and uncle, who are pastors. In a heartfelt statement, Eugy expressed his desire to distance himself from the distractions and temptations of the world, acknowledging that he has not always lived a morally upright life.

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He wrote:

“If someone asked me at the beginning of 2023 what my year would look like I don’t think this is what I would’ve said. That’s how powerful the Lord is. When Jesus calls you there’s nothing you can do about it. You must heed and answer. I’ve always said that I know God loves me but I’ve also always tried to manoeuvre using my own might & strength and let’s be honest I wasn’t living righteously but there comes a point when you realise you must submit to the almighty father and allow his will to be done.

” I’m not perfect. Neither am I better than anyone else but by Gods grace I vow to move forward purposefully and with a clean heart. I got baptised last Sunday and I was blessed enough to have my Dad, Pastor Joe (white t-shirt) and Uncle, Pastor Joshua (Grey t-shirt) usher me into this new life. I give God all the praise. Looking forward to what the future holds.”

Despite recognizing the impact his music and fame have had on his life, Eugy feels compelled to prioritize his personal and spiritual transformation. He shared a video of his baptism, capturing the moment he was immersed in water as part of the religious ritual.

As a part of his spiritual journey, Eugy has taken steps to erase all traces of his previous lifestyle from his social media platforms, signifying his commitment to embracing his new path.

See Video Below;

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