Robber who attacked Legon student gets sentenced 36-year in jail

A 24-year-old man, known as Amaning, who committed a robbery and attacked a University of Ghana (Legon) student, has been sentenced by an Accra Circuit Court.

Amaning, along with three accomplices, was given a 36-year prison term for breaking into the student’s residence and stealing items valued at GHS 2,810.

During the trial, Chief Inspector Moses Tetteh, the prosecutor, informed the court that the accused forcibly entered the student’s home on September 15, 2019, and thoroughly searched the premises for valuable possessions.

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Once he had gathered some items, he used a gun to threaten the student into surrendering his belongings, which included a laptop and two mobile phones.

Amaning carried out the attack while his accomplices, named Kwame Agyekum and Kofi Kwarteng, acted as lookouts.

Their luck ran out when the victim raised an alarm just as they were about to flee the scene.

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Irate residents managed to apprehend them and turned them over to the police. However, one of the accomplices was able to escape and remains at large.

After considering the evidence presented, the court found the accomplices innocent and discharged them.

However, Amaning was found guilty and sentenced to 36 years in prison, despite his plea for leniency.

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