Cecilia Dapaah Under Arrest

Cecilia Abena Dapaah, the former Sanitation Minister, has been arrested by the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP), as stated by Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyebeng.

Ms. Dapaah was apprehended on Monday and is currently being questioned by OSP officers. The arrest is related to allegations of corruption and corruption-related offenses, particularly involving the suspected theft of significant sums of money and valuable items from her residence.

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The OSP is conducting the interrogation of Ms. Dapaah as part of their ongoing investigation.

It’s worth noting that Ms. Dapaah has been in the spotlight recently due to a court case involving her two housemaids, whom she accused of stealing varying amounts of money. This situation drew public criticism, leading to her resignation from her ministerial position on Saturday. In her resignation statement, she assured full cooperation with state agencies to uncover the truth regarding the matter.

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