Stop using filters in videos if your products are genuine – Remmy Njoku

Mary Remmy Njoku, a Nigerian actress and film producer, has resorted to social media to criticize skin care product dealers who utilize filters to promote their products. According to Mary, sellers who committed such behaviors were committing fraud in order todeceive their clientele. She went on to say that if the sellers of such products are certain in their effectiveness, they should expose their true faces rather than hiding behind filters.

“If you sell skin care products, and you use filters for your promo videos and images,
You are a fraud.
I just walked past a ‘premium glow’ cream seller/user and…. Learn to be honest with your costumers Pls.

If you are sure of the effects of the products on your skin, show your real face. Shout out those few genuine beauty products out there.”

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