‘Student defeats teacher’ in Assembly elections

Zimi Kanintii, aged 28, emerged victorious in the Assembly elections for the Suke Electoral Area in the Lambussie District of the Upper West Region, defeating his former Junior High School (JHS) teacher.

In the electoral contest, Kanintii secured 486 votes, surpassing his former teacher, Balebe Bawaru Padmore, who garnered 405 votes out of the total 891 valid votes cast. The number of rejected ballots was 31.

Remarkably, Kanintii achieved the distinction of being the youngest candidate to triumph in the District Level Elections in the Suke Electoral Area on his first attempt.

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The absence of the typical long queues during the elections was largely attributed to voter apathy.

Zimi Kanintii (aka Baba Kanintii), in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said the contest between “a former teacher and a student” was tough.

“It was a tough contest. I want to thank all and sundry from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me through all the negativity of this campaign,” he said.

He said he was the number one on the ballot paper, which also contributed to his victory, saying: “The first had remained first.”

It was a worthy service to humanity and God and a prestige to represent the good people of the Suke Electoral Area, he added.

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Kanintii said his finances were not as “strong as his contender’s,” but his people knew he was the best candidate to accelerate the development of the community, hence they voted for him.

“I don’t have money but the welfare of my people is my ultimate priority” he said, and pledged to work with political leaders, organisations, philanthropists, Non-governmental Organisations, corporate bodies and individuals to lobby for the development of his community.

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