Teacher arrested for raping 12 year-old boy reveals she’s pregnant

A teacher who faced allegations of engaging in a sexual relationship with her 12-year-old student is asserting that she is expecting a child and is committed to raising it.

Alissa McCommon, a 38-year-old resident of Covington, Tennessee, was arrested in late September 2023 and charged with child rape after reportedly communicating with the young boy through SnapChat.

In her recent court appearance on October 3rd, the focus was on a series of text messages and phone calls exchanged between the mother of two and the victim. During one of the calls, McCommon mentioned her pregnancy and expressed her readiness to welcome her third child. Earlier, she had cautioned the boy about potential regrets if he informed the police about their relationship.

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It should be noted that authorities have not officially confirmed McCommon’s pregnancy or whether the 12-year-old boy could be the father.

In a separate text message, she alluded to being pregnant, stating, “I have to tell you something that is serious and significant and concerns you,” as reported by the local news outlet Fox 13.

McCommon was initially dismissed from Charger Academy in early 2021 after allegations arose that she had engaged in sexual activity with the former student in her home. Additionally, she was accused of having sexual communication with several other students, including sending explicit photos of herself and inquiring about their interest in engaging in sexual acts, according to the Covington Police Department.

“I’m going to raise this baby. I can do this,” she stated on the recording played in court.

Teacher arrested for raping boy, 12, reveals she

She previously warned the boy he would “regret” telling cops about their relationship.

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Authorities have not officially confirmed whether McCommon is pregnant, nor whether the 12-year-old boy is the father.

She also hinted at being pregnant in a separate text message. “I have to tell you something that is serious and huge that deals with you,” she wrote according to local news outlet, Fox 13.

“This was a mistake, this is my burden. OMG delete this number, please don’t get me in trouble,” another alleged text from McCommon read. “I will never text you again. You will never hear from me again, just please don’t say anything,” the ex-teacher could purportedly be heard saying on an audio clip.

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Teacher arrested for raping boy, 12, reveals she

She was initially fired from Charger Academy at the beginning of 2021 after being accused of having sex with the former student in her home. She also allegedly had sexual correspondence with several other students including sending nude pictures of herself and asking them if they wanted to have sex, according to Covington Police Department.

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