The comparison between Ghanaian and Nigerian artists doesn’t make sense – Anne-Sophie Avé

Anne-Sophie Ave, the former French Ambassador to Ghana, has voiced her disapproval of the comparisons made by fans of Ghanaian and Nigerian musicians. During an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, she emphasized the importance of objectivity among Ghanaian music enthusiasts and suggested that they recognize Nigeria’s role in showcasing Africa through afrobeats.

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“The comparison doesn’t make sense, yes, it is afrobeats, but let’s look at it like Nigeria is paving the way, is opening the doors for the entire Africa continent.”

Furthermore, she pointed out that Nigeria’s large population has significantly contributed to their success, giving them both the numbers and the reach they enjoy.

“250 million Nigerians and you know when the music is good numbers don’t matter, It helps because when you come to a country that has 250 million citizens it is easy to hit a million and therefore make money and go out there.”

The French diplomat also elaborated on the need for Ghanaian artists to concentrate on global promotion to enhance their international presence.

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“Is just about promotion, is about being pushed in the media not only in Ghana, it’s great to use the diasporas everywhere in the world, because they are a point of entry into the country, but you have to go beyond that, and conquer the entire country” Anne-Sophie Ave added.

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