The husband I knew is no more there – Olu Jacobs’ wife

In a recent heartfelt interview, Mrs. Jacobs opened up about the challenges her marriage is facing as her husband battles with dementia. She expressed that her once lively and joyful husband seems to have faded away, and this has had a significant impact on her mental well-being.

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““It has not been easy. In the early years it started, we didn’t even realize it. I was like ‘ah why are you behaving like this, what happened to you’? I always used to bore my eyes out but there came a point of acceptance for me that everything happening is reality and it is like the person I married, 80% of the time is no longer there.”

She shared that initially, the situation was confusing, but she eventually reached a stage of acceptance and has continued to support her husband throughout. Despite his current condition, she emphasized that he remains an incredible father and an amazing husband who fulfilled his responsibilities unwaveringly when he was physically and mentally strong.

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“But the thing is this when he was there, he was an incredible father to his children and an amazing husband, he was practically my best friend. The husband I knew is no more and there for me, but this man that is here is someone I still love.”

Reflecting on their early years together, she highlighted that Olu Jacobs was not only her best friend but also the pillar of strength in their marriage. Having known each other for 42 years and been married for the past 37 years, they have three children together.

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