TikTok Star Modou Adams Jailed 6 Years For Smuggling Cocaine Worth £300,000

This verdict was delivered by a Peruvian court following his apprehension and subsequent search at Jorge Chavez International Airport on September 30, 2023.

During the search, authorities discovered a significant quantity of cocaine, approximately 2.9kg, cleverly concealed within a suitcase that was originally intended for transportation to Paris, with its final destination being London.

The illicit drugs, valued at an estimated £300,000, were seized by law enforcement officials, highlighting the severity of the offence committed by Adams. Acknowledging his involvement in drug trafficking, the 25-year-old Tiktok sensation pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him.

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As a consequence, he was also subjected to a fine of approximately £1,500. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the consequences that individuals face when engaging in such illegal activities, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in combating drug smuggling.

After his sentencing, the online influencer was depicted behind bars in an edited image posted on social media by Peru’s Supreme Court.

The individual in question, who goes by the handle @boywholives on Instagram, had previously shared pictures of himself at Machu Picchu, a renowned historical site nestled in the Andes Mountains, just four weeks prior.

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