Two employees of the ‘Titan’ submersible company complained that the materials were “not resistant at depth”

This complaint was made during the construction of the capsule.

Thursday saw the outcome of the news story of the week: the disappearanceÂof the submersible ‘Titan’. This story has ended in the worst possible way, with all five crew members dead and the worst of all is that it has been discovered after salvaging parts of the sunken submersible in the Atlantic that lead to believe that water pressure caused the submersible to explode.

Although there is no hope of finding anyone alive, the investigation continues to find out what could have gone wrong to bring about this tragic end. In ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ they have continued to address the issue and have connected with a journalist from Miami, Alex Rodriguez, who has told them all the details of the operation that is being carried out to recover the sunken submersible.

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Regarding the search for the crew members, the reporter said that the Navy already knew about the implosion: “The Navy knew about it, the noise was the same day that the submarine was submerged, an implosion was heard at one hour and 45 minutes, they directly alerted the rescue services of the ‘Titan’, they took it very discreetly and even so they continued searching for life at the bottom of the Atlantic”.

“Apparently, according to the latest information, the directors of the ‘Titan’ were also warned of the danger of going down to the surface with this experimental submarine”, explained the journalist. In addition, Alex Rodriguez told the connection that they had already warned of the danger of travelling in this submersible: “The president of the Submarine Association said that in 2018 he sent a letter to this company warning of the integrity of the ‘Titan’, he basically told them that if this submarine is submerged, without any kind of certification, a catastrophe like this could happen”.

Complaints about ‘Titan’ materials from two experts “went unheard”

Another warning about the ‘Titan’ was: “They were told that it is not inspected by experts because it is an experimental form. There are only three submarines capable of reaching the Titanic and the ‘Titan’ is not among them,” he said.

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Finally, he revealed an important fact: “A few years ago, there were two experts who worked for this company, they were not listened to, they left the company and they were denounced because the material they were using to make the new submarine was not going to resist at that depth”. And he commented on the information that is being published about this case: “It is being published that for some years they have not been subjecting the ship to any kind of inspection. Since it was something different, it was not approved, what kind of inspection they should have received”, he concluded.

Source – Marca

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