Update: Alleged Police Officer Behind Murder Of Maa Adwoa Pleads Not Guilty

In court, Inspector Ahmed Twumasi, the police officer accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend in Adum, Kumasi, entered a plea of not guilty.

Despite previously admitting guilt during an earlier court appearance, the suspect denied responsibility during the proceedings at the Asokore Mampong District Court on Tuesday, June 20.

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Initially, when the State’s Attorney presented a concise summary of the facts during the committal proceedings, Inspector Twumasi pleaded guilty.

However, he chose not to answer any further questions and instead insisted that his attorney would provide responses during the main trial.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kofi Blagodzi, who is handling the prosecution, has already presented compelling evidence in court, including the suspect’s service pistol and CCTV footage, establishing the suspect’s connection to the crime.

The victim, Victoria Dapaah, also known as Maa Adwoa, was brutally murdered in Adum, just a short distance from her home, on April 20.

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After the suspect’s plea of not guilty, the courthouse was filled with friends and family of the deceased who protested his refusal to admit guilt, leading to chaos outside the premises.

Additional police reinforcements were called in to manage the crowd, some of whom threw rocks at the police while the suspect was being escorted from the courtroom.

The case has been adjourned to July 13, 2023.

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