Ghana Library Authority To Consider Yvonne Nelson’s Book

Yvonne Nelson’s newly published book will need to undergo review and approval procedures before it can be made available in Ghana’s public libraries.
The executive director of the Ghana Library Authority (GLA), Hayford Siaw, made this statement during an interview on 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show with Johnnie Hughes.

Famous Ghanaian actress, film producer, entrepreneur, and activist, Yvonne Nelson, has just published a memoir titled “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” in which she details the events of her life.

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A lot of people have been talking about the book since it came out because of the scandalous allegations about her love escapades with award-winning rapper Sarkodie.

Mr. Siaw was asked if the GLA plans to stock Yvonne Nelson’s  book “I am not Yvonne Nelson,” and he responded, “It has to go through an approval process, which has not been done, and so once the acquisition team looks at it and makes a recommendation, why not?”

He stated that the Ghana Library Authority has a special acquisitions team whose job it is to carefully assess whether or not a given piece of literature is appropriate and decide which audience will benefit from it. After more research, the Executive Director concluded, “Of course, it is an interesting read from what I have learned so far.”

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