“Wave Goodbye – Downtown Session” – Eddie Cohn

Eddie Cohn’s latest release, , is a captivating reimagining of his original single. Inspired by the iconic MTV Unplugged series, Eddie Cohn strips down the song to its essence, creating an intimate and vulnerable performance.

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The acoustic arrangement showcases Eddie Cohn’s skillful guitar work and moving vocals, drawing the listener into a personal and heartfelt experience. The “Downtown Session” version of “Wave Goodbye” resonates deeply, highlighting the artist’s ability to craft a compelling narrative.

Eddie Cohn’s passion for his craft shines through in this release, and his appreciation for the support he’s received from Musosoup is evident. The song’s introspective quality and soothing melody make it a standout, and the accompanying video adds a visual layer to the emotional impact.

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“Wave Goodbye – Downtown Session” is a beautiful, stripped-down rendition that showcases Eddie Cohn’s talent and vulnerability. If you’re a fan of acoustic performances, intimate storytelling, or just great music in general, do yourself a favor and give this a listen. Well done, Eddie Cohn.

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