Ways to survive a kidnapping

These crucial tips are essential for escaping the clutches of kidnappers. Below are guidelines on surviving a kidnapping:

  1. Cooperate with them

When facing abduction, it is crucial to cooperate with the kidnappers. Understand their demands, and if they request items within your reach, it is advisable to provide them willingly.

  1. Stay calm

In such high-stress situations, maintaining a calm demeanor is challenging but essential. Instead of succumbing to panic, it is recommended to stay composed, enabling clearer thinking.

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An additional benefit of remaining calm is the ability to assess the situation, count the kidnappers, and identify potential advantages for escape.

  1. Strategize your escape

Planning an escape is a daunting task for many, given the fear of being recaptured. However, it is imperative to devise a strategy before attempting to break free.

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