We Gotta Wake Up by the Legendary Russell Oliver Stone

“We Gotta Wake Up” marks a compelling addition to the repertoire of esteemed singer-songwriter Russell Oliver Stone, extracted from his latest album, ‘The Calling’, which boasts contributions from esteemed UK musicians including Paul Spong, Steve Sidwell, Neil Sidwell, Terry Johnston, Dave Arch, Jeff Leach, Terry Johnston, John Parricelli, Yolanda Charles, Laurie Lowe, Martin Williams, Andy Wood, and more.

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Renowned for his soulful vocals and incisive lyricism, Russell Oliver Stone intertwines his emotive voice with poignant verses that expose the shortcomings of political figures, business leaders, billionaires, autocrats, and dictators in addressing the profound social challenges confronting humanity.

Infusing elements of Jazz and R&B with his distinct vocal stylings, “We Gotta Wake Up” serves as a rallying cry for humanity. The song’s rhythmic urgency, underscored by vibrant horns and a mesmerizing descending bassline in the chorus, amplifies the potency of its message.

The inclusion of spoken word segments by Amen Noir and Poetikah elevates the track to a heightened level of expression.

Russell first garnered widespread acclaim in 1976 with the global smash hit “We Do It” by R&J Stone. However, his ascent was marred by tragedy following the success of the song, as his wife and musical collaborator, Joanna, passed away shortly thereafter. Wrestling with profound grief, Russell withdrew from the music industry and grappled with alcoholism for years.

Despite these trials, he eventually pursued a career as a transpersonal psychotherapist, yet remained steadfast in his passion for songwriting and performance. Now 76 years old and facing a terminal cancer diagnosis, Russell is driven by a fervent desire to inspire and support others, drawing upon the resilience and support he received during his own moments of adversity.

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Russell says: “I have often felt hopeless in the face of all the many crises humanity is facing, and I want to use everything I have learnt as an Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Nada (sound) Yoga teacher to give hope to others. We must all focus on what can be done, and this song, written in collaboration with two wonderful poets, Amen Noir and Poetikah, is a call to do exactly that. We must all wake up. Solutions are within each of us, and we all have a role to play if we use our hearts.”

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