Why You Need To See Spiritualists – Wendy Shay To Up & Coming Artistes

After her recent accident, Wendy Shay has advised aspiring musicians to seek spiritual protection from spiritualists before embarking on their careers in the music industry.

Furthermore, she addressed comments made by A Plus during a discussion on UTV’s “United Showbiz,” where he brushed off her claims of spiritual attacks as a mere publicity stunt.

“We cannot say it is spiritual. It is all for the hype. First Bullet said he would be flying her to Germany for treatment. Now they are saying that it is spiritual. They know what they are doing. It’s called a stunt, and they are doing it well,” A Plus had said on the show hosted by MzGee.

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In response, Wendy Shay stressed that spiritual attacks in the music industry are a legitimate concern, and many individuals have taken measures to safeguard themselves. She dismissed A Plus’s remarks as unfounded and encouraged the public to disregard them. Wendy Shay also reiterated her belief that her survival was a result of divine intervention.

“Spiritual attacks are real in the music industry, and they are aware. Do not feed into the lies. All these people declaring otherwise are protected by certain forces. “Up and coming artiste before you get in the industry get spiritual backing. If not for God I would have been killed and you are there talking about hype. Ghana wake up! #Lovemenow” Wendy Shay wrote on her X page.

She emphasized the importance of spiritual defense for aspiring artists and credited her survival to the protective hand of God.

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