You’re prohibited from presenting anyone to be enstooled as Ga Manye – Ga Traditional Council to late Manye’s family

The Ga Traditional Council has issued a directive stating that no individual from the family of the late Queen Mother, Naa Dedei Omaedru III, is eligible for appointment as Ga Manye. According to a statement released on October 30, 2023, the Council has cautioned that there will be severe consequences for anyone who disregards this instruction.

This decision was prompted by alleged misconduct involving Charles Nii Kotey Kotey, the Head of the Family of the late Naa Dedei Omaedru III, Asafoiatse Kotey-Ga, the Family Spokesperson, the children of the late Ga Manye, and the Ga Manye Weku during preparations for the late Naa Dedei Omaedru’s funeral.

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The Ga Traditional Council pointed out that instead of supporting the Council in organizing a proper funeral for the late Ga Manye and respecting the Chieftaincy Act 2008 (Act 759), which stipulates showing respect to Chiefs and holding them in high regard, the Family of the late Naa Dedei Omaedru III displayed disrespect and disregard for the Council. Their actions were deemed to have caused significant embarrassment and discontent toward the Council.

In response, the Ga Traditional Council has decided that, “Until further notice, no effort should be made to nominate a candidate for the position of Ga Manye or to install anyone from the Family of the late Queen Mother Naa Dedei Omaedru III as Ga Manye. Failure to comply with this directive will result in serious consequences.”

The Council declared the immediate cessation of recognition for Nii Kotey Ga as Asafoiatse of Asere Djorshie. Consequently, Asafoiatse Kotey-Ga is directed to refrain from identifying himself in that capacity.

Additionally, the Council urged all residents of Asere Djorshie and the entire Ga State not to acknowledge or accord him any recognition.

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The statement added: ““That since a Queen mother under the customs, traditions, and practices of the Ga people only advises and compliments a chief, it is essential that the family of a candidate collaborates with the chief whom she will compliment. To this end, the Ga Traditional Council has directed that no candidate for the position of a Ga Queen mother can be chosen for enstoolment without their knowledge and consent.”

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