Youth inhale super glue mixed with energy drink to get high

The excessive and harmful use of drugs among the youth in Techiman has become a growing concern, with its negative effects on individuals increasingly apparent. The situation is further exacerbated by the fact that teenagers are turning to new, unfamiliar substances in search of a constant “high”.

In the Bono East Regional capital of Techiman, the inhalation of super glue has become a recent discovery by the youth. They are consuming it in large quantities in various ghettos, causing a shortage of super glue products in the municipality.

During an interview with Adom News’ Bono East Regional correspondent, Christian Ofori Kumah, several shop owners confirmed that there is a daily rush for super glue by the youth, which has resulted in shortages. This shortage is also causing difficulties for those who genuinely need the product for legitimate purposes.

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When some of the ghetto youth were interviewed about their usage of this new craze, they noted that the price of super glue has made it a more attractive option compared to other drugs such as tramadol, weed, heroin, or cocaine. They stated that it only costs between GHc1 and GHc2 for a whole day to get “high” as opposed to other drugs that cost between GHc4 – GHc100 for just a day.

The harmful effects of drug use cannot be understated, and the consumption of super glue poses significant risks to individuals’ health and wellbeing. The public needs to be aware of the dangers of substance abuse, and relevant authorities must take appropriate measures to address the issue. It is essential to provide support and resources to help those who may be struggling with addiction and prevent others from falling into the same trap.

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