Pay him no attention , He is not my father – Agya Koo denies alleged father

Ghana’s popular actor and comedian, Kofi Adu, who is widely known as Agya Koo, has finally responded to an aged man who claims to be his long-lost father. In an interview on social media, the alleged father, Mr Kwasi Bediako, a former COCOBOD worker, disclosed that he had an amorous affair with Agya Koo’s mother in the early 1960s at the now-defunct Meridian Hotel in Tema, which led to the actor’s birth.

“I only heard that she had given birth and named him Kofi Adu, only for me to see him on television as Agya Koo. I just knew that he was my son because of certain characteristics and traits he exhibits,” Mr Bediako said.

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However, Agya Koo, who is 53 years old, has dismissed the claims of the man as false and condemned the presenter who granted the interview. Speaking on Radio Universe, he said, “Heed not to him, he is lying. I will soon address the public properly, I know him from nowhere. It is an orchestration by some people.”

“I won’t lie, I’m telling you the truth. It happened some four years ago when a woman also claimed to be my mother, how did it end?” he questioned.

This is not the first time Agya Koo has been embroiled in a paternity scandal. Previously, the veteran actor had come out to deny a 50-year-old woman who claimed to be his biological mother on a radio station in the Ashanti region.

The issue of paternity fraud has become a growing concern in Ghana, with several men being falsely accused of fathering children. It is important for individuals to be truthful and take responsibility for their actions, and for families to seek resolution through legal means when necessary.

In conclusion, Agya Koo’s denial of the paternity claims made by the aged man highlights the need for truth and accountability in personal relationships. While the allegations may cause temporary disruption, it is important to remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It is also essential for individuals to be responsible and accountable for their actions, and for families to seek resolution through legal means when necessary.

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