YouTube Premium users now have access to new features such as enhanced 1080p HD video, smart downloads, and more

YouTube has released a slew of new premium features for iOS and Android apps, including the option to put videos to a queue and view material together via Meet live sharing/ shareplay, 1080p HD video support, and smart downloads. Premium subscribers have access to these features. The Smart Downloads feature would allow users to resume watching videos from where they left off across devices. Furthermore, the iOS Shareplay feature will allow users to watch content with their family and friends via FaceTime, and Meet Live Sharing with a similar capability is now accessible for Android users.

YouTube highlighted numerous new capabilities in its most recent blog post, including queuing videos for live sharing, smart downloads, and expanded 1080p HD video compatibility for iOS. These features are now available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

To begin, the Queue function allows users to construct a temporary list of films that they want to watch next, similar to the one available on YouTube online. Users can also rearrange or remove videos from the queue.

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The following important feature is YouTube’s Meet Live Sharing option for Premium users on Android, which allows users to view YouTube videos with their families or friends via Google Meet. A similar capability will be made available for iOS users on FaceTime via SharePlay in the coming weeks. Please keep in mind that only the host needs to be a Premium subscriber to use this function.

Furthermore, YouTube has added the ability to resume watching material where the user left off across devices. This means that even if the user changes devices, the material can be resumed from where they left off. The function is accessible via Android, iOS, and the web. Furthermore, the recommended videos will be indexed in the library and can be viewed offline thanks to the smart downloads feature.

Also, the video streaming site has released an improved version of 1080p video quality for iOS, which will make films crisper and clearer. There is already a standard 1080p streaming quality available to all users; however, this new improved version is exclusively available to Premium members.

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