7 Years After Hitmaker Finals, Kuame Eugene Turns His ‘Gun’ On Judges, Eazzy & Okyeame Kwame

Kuame Eugene, who rose to fame through the MTN Hitmaker platform, has expressed his disappointment with the results of the 2016 edition of the music reality show. In a recent conversation on TV3 XSpaces, the artist, who has won multiple awards, subtly criticized judges Eazzy and Okyeame Kwame, suggesting that he believed there was a conspiracy to prevent him from winning the top prize.

Even though he finished as the 2nd runner-up, Kuami Eugene firmly believed that he possessed all the qualities necessary to claim the first-place victory. He expressed regret about not securing the top position and was critical of the event’s organizers, Charterhouse. The self-proclaimed Rockstar highlighted the dedication he had put into honing his stage performances, considering it a substantial investment in the competition.

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“I was so mad, I wasn’t happy with just myself. I was mad at everyone – CharterHouse, the Judges, Okyeame Kwame, Eazzy, and everyone. I felt I did my best. I did everything. I performed and sang well. I felt I’d done so much to deserve the first place. They didn’t even give me a second place. I wasn’t so happy about the result. I felt I was unfairly treated in a way.”

Kuami Eugene first gained prominence in the 2016 edition of the 5th season of Hitmaker, where he achieved the honorable position of 2nd runner-up. The show was ultimately won by Kevin, with F9 taking the second spot.

“I wrote the entire hook, and some part of the second verse. I wrote like 80 percent of that song. In fact, before he came to record the song that hook and everything was already done, he listened to it and sang it,” Kuami Eugene told vlogger Naana Donkor Arthur in a TikTok Live conversation.

He said he writes songs for other artistes because he cannot sing all the songs he produces, especially when he notices a particular song fits the style of another artiste.

“It’s just a blessing that you write songs for people to sing even though I get paid for it. Drew didn’t do that [didn’t pay me] but we will talk about it later,” he said.

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“I can actually make it a legal case but it is not necessary. We are brothers. I think he should see me so we talk about this.

“I love peace, so me, Kaywa, him, whatever is going on, let’s get it fixed. He can send one split sheet and that will solve everything. I am saying this because he has seen my messages and has blue-ticked me as if he has not seen them but the song is doing well on the market,” he further stated.

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