Agradaa’s jogging outfit stirs reactions online

The attire worn by Evangelist Patricia Asiedua, also known as Agradaa, during a morning workout session has sparked diverse responses across social media, notably on Instagram. A viral video showcased the self-proclaimed Evangelist donning a set of pink ‘bum shorts’ and a sleeveless top as she jogged along the streets.

This outfit left certain areas of her physique, including her thighs and buttocks, visibly exposed. Furthermore, her tattoos were prominently on display.

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The video’s circulation has triggered significant feedback from online users, resulting in a mix of enthusiasm and criticism directed at her choice of clothing. Online users have reprimanded Agradaa for her perceived inappropriate attire, particularly considering her self-identification as a pastor.

Check out the comments and video below:

A netizen known as Memuna_ Habib commented on the post stating, “Ebe grandma pant, underwear or biker shorts? @nebu?….eiiiiii libras no go kill us oooo”.

“3mom maa mercy aha nipa paa o, all this for Mr. Oduro Koranteng to come back, Boi333. Shw3 nea3 3fam ne to, as3 Osoho aa ya sh3 ne dross. Agrasco all the way”, a comment from another netizen.

Gidovetty also said: “Love be something oooooooo. When the heart is broken, the mind definitely can’t act right. SMH”.

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