Banky W Trends over Unconfirmed Cheating Allegations, Nigerians React: “Idan No Dey Stay for One Place”

Popular Nigerian blogger, Gistlover, has caused a buzz on social media following their latest expose about a Nigerian celebrity on Instagram.

According to the gist, the musician-turned-politician got his heart broken by a woman he loved and then found solace in the arms of another woman who turned to his bestie.

However, the said politician refused to settle down with the bestie because of her wild nature. He then went on to marry a ‘fine innocent lady’ and their marriage is admired by many Nigerians.

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The report further claims that the unnamed politician still maintained an affair with his bestie who resides in the US and remains unmarried

Gistlover also claimed that the side chick who has terminated two pregnancies for the politician, is reportedly pregnant again and this time, is willing to go public with their affair.

While Gistlover did not mention any names in the post, a lot of Nigerians are of the opinion that Banky W – who is married to actress Adesua Etomi – is the subject of the story.

Check out some comments below:

@thecastoracle: “GistLover should stop interfering into people’s private life. It’s not everybody that have the strength to handle such things. I pray God give Adesua the heart to forgive Banky W.”

@abazwhyllzz: “You are really a sick person if you think that Gistlover news is about Banky W and Adesua.”

@KhaleedSZN: “If this story is true Adesua should forgive Banky W and pray he never cheats again. This cold weather is really not helping matters for boys.”

@bigtimini: “What Banky W did is not something strange, all men should be allowed to cheat ,it’s our nature …I can’t say the same for ladies.”

@rutie_xx: “I’m not surprised Banky W cheated on Adesua. Men cheat a lot.”

@Projectkid110: “Banky W is him, idan no Dey stay for just one place.” @dee_oseahumen: “A whole Banky W still dey cheat??? Abi na prank!?” @DAMIADENUGA: “Why are people saying gistlover is talking about Banky W & Adesua here? No name was mentioned.”

Source- Legit News

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