Bow Wow comments on Diddy’s affair with his baby mama, Joie Chavis

Bow Wow had a lot to say when asked about Diddy’s rumored relationship with his ex-girlfriend and baby’s mother Joie Chavis, which eventually demonstrated his contempt for the matter.

When the rapper and actor appeared on The Baller Alert Show last week, they talked about leaked photos of Chavis and the Bad Boy leader kissing in Italy in 2021. He said Diddy had offended him by violating a “men’s code of conduct.”

“She knew better,” he claimed about Chavis. “It’s more a male thing.” Trust me, myself and her had a chat about it. We obviously had our rap, but I’ll keep that to ourselves. We handled things the way we were meant to.

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“Men have a code of conduct, and everyone knows certain things are off limits.” Wives and baby mamas are merely some nonsense that you should avoid.”

Chavis, on the other hand, put a stop to rumors that she was dating Diddy in January 2022 when she stated that the trip to Italy was strictly for business and that only the kiss occurred.

“Because you’re all so nosy, here it is! “Me and him are and have always been friends,” she added. “I was in Italy because I was working on an unreleased project for him!” We kissed in the midst of my presence, that’s all. I didn’t go any further!

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