Cash in Cecilia Dapaah’s house was craftily concealed in wraps, clothes and buried in obscure places – OSP

The Office of the Special Prosecutor has disclosed the location where its investigators found hidden money in the residences of former Sanitation Minister Cecilia Dapaah during a search operation.

According to recent court documents filed by the Office, they conducted the search based on reports that significant sums of money had been stolen from her Ablemkpe residence on July 24, 2023. During this search, they discovered cash amounts totaling $590,000 and ¢2862,007.

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Further searches were conducted at two other residential properties owned by the former Minister in Cantonments and Tesano, both in Accra. The Office reported that these monies were cleverly concealed in various ways, including wraps, polythene bags, clothing, 32 envelopes, and were hidden in obscure places throughout the residence, some with labels and descriptions.

“The monies were craftily concealed in wraps, polythene bags, clothes, 32 envelopes, and were buried and secreted in obscure places in the residence, some with labels and descriptions,” the Office said.

This is part of the ongoing efforts by the Office to confirm the seizure of properties suspected of being obtained through illegal means that belong to Madam Dapaah.

Previously, the OSP had seized a substantial amount of cash from the former Minister and ordered the freezing of certain bank accounts with transactions totaling over ¢40 million. However, an Accra High Court declined to confirm these seizures and freezing orders, instructing the OSP to return the amounts to Cecilia Dapaah.

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The Special Prosecutor has now returned to court seeking confirmation of the seizures. Exclusive copies of documents obtained by JoyNews and filed in court by the Office of the Special Prosecutor reveal additional allegations that the former Minister allegedly possesses millions of cedis for which she could not prove the source. The filing also raises fresh allegations that an account belonging to the deceased brother of the former Minister was still transferring money to Cecilia Dapaah’s accounts.

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