Experience the Best of Iranian Electronic Music with VISPA’s ‘Ideas’

In a groundbreaking move, Tehran-based artist VISPA released his debut hybrid electronic album, “Ideas”, on June 6, 2024. This milestone marks the first album of its kind in Iran, pushing the boundaries of electronic music and redefining the genre.

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“Ideas” is a masterful blend of retro and futuristic elements, with roots in 80s pop production and sci-fi influences. The album’s single, “Walking Into The Light”, is a testament to VISPA’s ability to craft infectious, dancefloor-friendly tracks that radiate optimism and energy.

The 7-track project is a sonic journey through space and time, with track names like “Cosmic Force” and “Space Odyssey” that evoke a sense of otherworldliness. VISPA’s re-imagining of his earlier works has resulted in an album that feels like a message from the future, showcasing the potential of electronic music.

As a translator turned musician, VISPA has successfully translated his abstract concepts and emotions into music, creating a truly unique sound. With “Ideas”, he has re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered each track, incorporating new sounds and cementing his status as a pioneer in Iran’s electronic music scene.

The album’s innovative blend of retro and futuristic elements, combined with VISPA’s masterful production skills.

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If you’re a fan of electronic music, particularly artists like Daft Punk, Justice, or anyone pushing the boundaries of the genre, you won’t want to miss “Ideas”. Get ready to experience the future of electronic music!

Available across all platforms on 06/06/24.

Listen Below:






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