Fans Attack Ice Spice Over Teenager Twerking In Latest Music Video

Ice Spice is facing the wrath of her fans as they express their anger over her decision to feature the renowned teenager, Aya Tanjali, twerking in her latest music video titled “Deli.” The video, which sparked a heated debate, was released on Wednesday, July 26, and has already amassed more than four million views as of now.

Twitter users added a disclaimer to Ice Spice’s page after posting the video writing: “Viewers should be warned this video features a minor dancing in a sexually provocative manner, which may violate state and federal laws. One of the dancers in this video is 16 years old, a fact likely known to Ice Spice, as the two follow one another on Instagram.”

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In the comments, fans expressed their outrage at a 16-year-old twerking on camera.

“A 16 year old child IS TWERKING IN THIS DAMN VIDEO enough is enough you bird brain rappers need to be stopped y’all some damn degenerates,” one person wrote, while another added: “Not sure what’s worse about the girl in the video, the fact she’s 16 or MUSLIM.”

A third person wrote: “There’s no way no one told her having a minor twerking in your music video is a terrible idea.”

“I’m actually kinda disgusted that ice spice had that lil girl twerking in her music video but let me not say too much,” one last person tweeted.

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