Nacee reveals why he left No Tribe


Famous gospel singer, Nacee, has revealed that he decided to leave the No Tribe group due to persistent complaints about financial difficulties from other members.

He explained that he had been financially supporting the group, but his fellow team members mistakenly believed that the money came directly from the proceeds of their performances and music.

During an appearance on Joy Prime’s morning show, the Aseda singer admitted that he took responsibility for this situation as he had not informed the other members about the actual financial state of the group.

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“Some of the problems that No Tribe encountered and for which I had to pull a break were because when No Tribe was called to perform at events, I always had to go and cash out some money because of my music production.

“At least I had people paying me some money. So I tried and made sure that I could cushion them and make sure everybody is fine even when the person is not able to pay. But it was the wrong decision because I could have used my money for something else.

“It got to a point where I didn’t have enough money again. So the way they were treated at the beginning, it wasn’t coming, and some began to complain,” he said.

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Nacee said he was unable to stand the complaints when the support from him ceased, so he had no choice than to exit the group after some members accused him of holding on to their payment after a performance.

“When we finished, the money was delayed, and the people thought I had collected the money, but I said I didn’t collect anything. So, what happened was that I gave them money to hold on to until the money comes… Before the money came, there were already problems.

“Then I said, I’m tired of all the complaints, and if they can’t see anything good in what I do, let’s pull a break,” he stated.

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