Freda Rhymz Breaks Silence About Being Under AMG Armani’s ‘Love Juju’

In a recent interview with blogger Sammy Kay, Freda Rhymz seized the opportunity to address the widespread rumors of a love spell involving her and her ex-boyfriend, AMG Armani. These unfounded allegations, initially started by recently released inmate Showboy a few months ago, accused AMG Armani of employing dark magic to manipulate and control Freda. The shocking claims prompted fans to express disbelief and disappointment on social media.

The rumors rapidly gained traction, with fans speculating on their authenticity. Having remained silent on the matter until now, Freda chose to set the record straight during her interview with Sammy Kay. She vehemently denied any involvement in or knowledge of love spells or dark magic.

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Expressing her frustration at being dragged into a personal feud between AMG Armani and Showboy, Freda made it clear that Showboy had ulterior motives in spreading these rumors, using her as a pawn to tarnish AMG Armani’s reputation. Despite being reluctant to address the issue, Freda did so to defend herself and protect her reputation. She assured Sammy Kay and her fans that the entire story was fabricated by Showboy and held no truth. Freda emphasized that her relationship with AMG Armani was based on genuine love and mutual respect, devoid of any love spells or dark magic.

The interview provided Freda with a platform to clear her name and put an end to the damaging rumors. She expressed gratitude to her loyal fans for their unwavering support throughout the ordeal. Freda’s honesty and transparency resonated with her followers, who praised her for addressing the issue directly and refusing to let false accusations define her.

As the interview concluded, Freda Rhymz hoped that her words would finally dispel the love spell rumors, allowing her to move forward with her career and personal life. Focused on her music, she vowed to continue delivering quality content to her fans. With the truth revealed, Freda could now concentrate on rebuilding her reputation and leaving the false accusations behind.

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