Gabon Coup: Huge Amount Of Money Found At Ali Bongo’s Chief Of Staff Residence

A significant amount of money was reportedly found at the residence of the Chief of Staff of the ousted president, Ali Bongo, shortly after the announcement of the coup on August 30, 2023. In a segment broadcasted on Gabon24, the national television network, Ian Ngoulou, the individual in question, admitted to the act of storing a substantial sum of money. He was also seen in the footage alongside Noureddin Valentin, the 31-year-old son of Bongo.

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The broadcast from the station featured the two individuals, who were apprehended shortly after the coup announcement, standing next to a pile of exposed cash outside Ngoulou’s residence in the capital city. When questioned about the origin of this considerable sum of money, he claimed that it was intended for business purposes but was unsure about the exact amount.

In the brief 23-second clip, there are nearly a dozen large suitcases torn open, each filled to capacity with bundles of cash. According to the reporter’s observations, these bundles appeared to have been dispatched either from the central bank or a secure storage facility, and they were still sealed in their polythene wrappers.

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As previously reported, military officers in Gabon seized control of the central African nation, alleging fraudulent activities during the weekend elections as their justification for assuming power. They invalidated the election results, closed down government institutions, and imposed border closures.

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