Gabon Coup: Suspension Of Democracy Is Just Temporary – Military Ruler

The newly-appointed military leader in Gabon has made a commitment to reinstate democracy, although the timing for holding elections remains unclear. General Brice Oligui Nguema has stated that the suspension of state institutions in the country is a temporary measure, intended to be in place until these institutions can be reformed to enhance transparency and accountability. However, the opposition coalition in Gabon has asserted that the military has not presented any proof of a transfer of authority.

Ali Bongo, the former president, is presently under house arrest.

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On the morning of August 30, 2023, representatives from the country’s armed forces appeared on national television to announce their assumption of power, bringing an end to the 55-year rule of the Bongo family over the central African nation. They declared the nullification of Mr. Bongo’s victory in a presidential election that had been declared just the previous Saturday, despite widespread allegations from the opposition of electoral fraud.

On Friday night, General Nguema delivered a televised address in which he pledged that the military would take swift but cautious actions to prevent future elections from “repeating the same mistakes” by perpetuating the rule of the same individuals.

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As previously reported by Tru News Report, military officers in Gabon seized control of the central African nation, claiming that the weekend’s elections were marred by fraud as the rationale for their government takeover. They invalidated the election results, shuttered all government institutions, and closed the country’s borders.

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