GBC Employees Give FWSC One Week To Reverse Cancelled Allowances

GBC workers have issued an ultimatum to the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) to reverse its decision of removing “unearned allowances” from their paychecks within one week. If the allowances are not reinstated by then, the employees threaten to go on an indefinite strike. The Divisional Union Chairman of GBC, Sam Nat Kevor, announced that if their demands are not met, workers will start wearing red armbands and clothes to work as a form of protest.

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Earlier, some GBC employees in Ghana had threatened to strike after their allowances were reduced. The FWSC claims that it removed benefits from the paychecks of certain workers who did not qualify for them, including allowances for housing, utilities, transportation, and car maintenance.

The employees are discontented with this decision as they believe it will raise their cost of living amid increasing inflation. Some GBC workers were seen wearing red t-shirts and holding signs expressing their concerns about inflation and utility costs.

Tahiru Abdul Razak Mohammed, the chairman of GBC senior management staff, argued that the FWSC should have consulted GBC management before making its decision. He highlighted that some employees feel betrayed by the removal of these benefits, while others worry about the potential impact on motivation and productivity. Consequently, GBC employees plan to engage in a strike.

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Ben Arthur, the head of FWSC, remains steadfast that this action is part of a nationwide effort to monitor payrolls with the Internal Audit Agency. He stated that the monitoring process uncovered instances where GBC employees were receiving benefits they were not entitled to. Mr. Arthur emphasized that the commission will not back down from its commitment to improve working conditions for all employees and rectify discrepancies, such as GBC cleaners receiving domestic staff wages.

Meanwhile, GBC’s Director-General, Prof. Amin Alhassan, has expressed that the corporation is actively seeking to have the FWSC and the Controller and Accountant General’s Department reconsider their current decisions.

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