I Gifted My Car To My Girlfriend And I Was Walking – Guru

Ghanaian musician Guru has candidly shared a personal anecdote about his dating life, recounting a time when he generously gifted his car to his girlfriend as a gesture of appreciation for the happiness she had brought into his life. Guru emphasizes the importance of men taking care of their partners, recognizing the joy they bring.

Speaking during an interview on Hello FM on August 31, 2023, the singer offered advice to women, encouraging them to consider ending relationships with men who exhibit a lack of generosity or stinginess.

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In response to a question regarding his car, Guru said, “No, I gifted it out, and I was walking. Yes, I had to gift it out.” Astonished that Guru had given away such a priceless item, the interviewer (also known as Gh Bonshaka) pressed on with his questions.

Guru emphasised the value of spending money on what you love. “Because everything that makes you happy, you have to spend on it.” The interviewer compared Guru’s behaviour to that of those who construct expensive mansions for their loved ones.

Guru, on the other hand, agreed with the comparison and said that he supported such acts of kindness. “Yes, because if you are a man and you are stingy… as a lady, if you know that the man you are with is a stingy man, don’t take him.”

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