I Have More Than That – Mr Eazi Not Happy With Fan Who Said He’s Worth $5million

Mr Eazi wrote, “The Evil Genius Net worth is not $5m that’s erroneously disrespectful! please correct yourself before I sue you for defamation!!”

Mr. Eazi voiced his discontent after a fan estimated his net worth at $5 million and promptly took steps to correct the mistake. In a post, a fan with the username @ZobaDeGreat commended Mr. Eazi, claiming the singer had wedded Temi Otedola, the daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola, in a simple ceremony despite having a net worth of approximately “around $5 million.” While appreciating the fan’s praise, Mr. Eazi criticized those who aspire to lavish weddings despite not possessing assets equivalent to “2 million home and abroad.”

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The fan’s statement read, “Mr. Eazi’s net worth is around $5 million dollars. He just quietly married Otedola’s daughter. We didn’t even know. It’s because of his new song release that his wife subtly announced it, that’s how we found out.

“But you, who don’t even have up to 2 million both home and abroad, want to host an extravagant wedding with your wife, who is still a second-year student and doesn’t have money for departmental fees.”

Quoting the tweet, Mr. Eazi stated that the fan’s bold assertion was “erroneously disrespectful,” emphasizing that his net worth far exceeds $5 million.

The artist behind ‘Evil Genius’ urged the fan to ensure accurate information to prevent potential legal action for defamation.

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