I started shooting skits out of depression – Jeffrey Nortey

Jeffrey Nortey, a content creator, revealed that he began making his skits during a period of depression. In an interview with Andy Dosty, the comic actor shared that he initially aspired to become a renowned actor, but when his dreams were not materializing, he fell into a state of depression.

He expressed his frustration at the lack of roles in movies and questioned how he could succeed in the competitive movie industry. The diminishing hope of realizing his potential as a young actor led him to contemplate the future of his once vibrant acting career, which ultimately led him to start creating his skits.

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“I started as an actor hoping that I’ll be shooting in movies. But I was not getting gigs and I was depressed. Not because of the money but because the fire in me was burning so I needed to do something.”

The turning point came in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Jeffrey mentioned that he started producing a few skits, and to his delight, people responded positively to them. Encouraged by the positive feedback, he decided to produce more skits, and his fortunes began to improve from there.

“During COVID time I decided to write my skits and gather some money. I did a few and people liked it. Money started flowing, exposure started coming and here we are.”

The actor who seems to do a lot of funny skits mentioned that the primary intentions are not for his skits to be funny.

“When I started I didn’t know I was writing comedy skits. I was serious about it. Even with the buttocks skits I was serious about it. Even up to now, I don’t think I am doing something for people to laugh. If you laugh fine if you don’t, that was not the aim.”

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He attributed the popularity of his skits to their uniqueness. While known for his humorous content, Jeffrey emphasized that his primary goal was not solely to be funny.

Despite facing challenges earlier in his acting career, Jeffrey Nortey’s talent has not gone unnoticed. He has been featured in various movies and TV series, and he continues to create compelling content on his social media platforms and YouTube.

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