I will sleep with any female artist I manage – Bulldog

Bulldog has made a controversial statement regarding artist managers and their relationships with female artistes they represent. In an interview, he stated that some managers do engage in sexual relationships with their female clients, but they are not being truthful about it.

Bulldog, who was the former manager of Shatta Wale, made the statement a few years ago that he would have sex with any female musician he managed. This statement caused a lot of backlash and criticism from the public. However, in a recent radio interview, Bulldog stood by his statement and maintained that his stance has not changed.

When asked about the prevalence of sexual relationships between managers and female artistes, Bulldog stated, “I won’t say all managers sleep with their female artistes, but I know a lot of them do. They are just not truthful about it because they don’t want to openly admit it.”

This statement has once again sparked a debate in the entertainment industry about the ethics of such relationships. Many people believe that it is wrong for a manager to engage in a sexual relationship with their client as it can lead to exploitation and manipulation.

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However, others have defended Bulldog’s statement, arguing that it is a personal choice and that as long as both parties are consenting adults, it is not anyone’s business.

In conclusion, Bulldog’s statement has once again brought to light the issue of sexual relationships between managers and female artistes. While opinions may vary on the matter, it is important to remember that such relationships can have serious consequences and should be approached with caution. As Wendy Shay said, “We need to have boundaries in our relationships.”

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