It is obviously a mental health issue – Security Analyst on case of Inspector who shot girlfriend at Adum

According to Emmanuel Mawanye Kotin, the Executive Director of the African Center for Security and Counterterrorism, the Ghana Police Service is currently facing significant stress, leading to cases of aberration on the part of officers. Speaking about the alleged murder of Victoria Dapaah, also known as Maadwoa, by Inspector Ahmed Twumasi, who is part of the Ashanti Regional Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Unit, Mr Kotin stated that the police service is intended to transform officers, but this transformative agenda seems to have been abandoned by the current Dampare-led administration.

Mr Kotin believes that the mental fortitude of officers is getting weaker day by day due to operational shortfalls, and this is leading to cases of aberration such as the one that resulted in Maadwoa’s tragic death. He also alleged that there is a group of people in the police administration called the Dampare Boys, and that the current Inspector-General of Police (IGP) has gone to sleep after starting on a good note upon his assumption of office.

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Inspector Ahmed Twumasi, who appeared in court on Tuesday, April 25 for the first time since his arrest over the weekend, stated that he had no intention of committing the crime and that “What happened is between me and God.” He is scheduled to reappear in court on Tuesday, May 30.

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